Swede Dreams Are Made of These

We crossed the Atlantic at the same time as Swede Dreams. At the time, it was harder to appreciate their very cool Hell’s Angel-looking Swedish hippiness in Las Palmas, Gran Canaria. Jack was much more posh yachtie and I was, well, not that social. Ok, ok. I’ll admit it. Jack has changed for the better..

We were all feeling the stress of preparing to cross an ocean. Getting everything ready in Las Palmas. We met Swede Dreams and knew they were also in the marina, but we didn’t cross paths too much.

They actually saved our butts. We didn’t appreciate we had to check out of the Canary Islands – until Jack bumped into Carlos. Carlos had just checked out of customs and immigration and gave Jack instructions of what to do and where to go. It was in a crazy place – within Las Palmas’ huge industrial port complex. We’d never have found it without his directions.

The next time we saw them was ten days later in the Cape Verde Islands. We’d both skirted round the mega-unusual Hurricane Alex – except Swede Dreams had been caught in it much worse than us. Two, three-inch aluminium genoa poles on their boat had bent in the wind. They’d really suffered in the storm. There was no one to fix the poles in the Cape Verdes either.

They faced either waiting for new ones to arrive on a ship from Spain, or to carry on. At that point, a number of boats had sought shelter in Mindelo. Hurricane Alex was just moving out of the way. We were all preparing to depart. Swede Dreams left before the rest of us I remember. A day before.

The next time we bumped into them was here. Prickly Bay. And they’re still here. Except our paths have really crossed now – in different directions. This is because Swede Dreams have set up a life here. Lola was a sushi chef in Gothenburg – ‘A damn good one!’ Carlos said, beaming.

They’ve set up a sushi business just near Prickly. We’d been watching Eden Sushi advertise on Facebook for about a year now. We had to try it.

It was crazy delicious. Lola uses seasonal Grenadian food along with her sushi. Maki wraps with sweet potato. Locally-caught tuna. Avocado. But the nicest thing – besides her seriously beautiful rice which is the best sushi rice I swear I have ever eaten (cue Carlos again, ‘She did have a very successful business in Gothenburg.’), was being in their company. These guys are cuties. And they’re loving their life here.

From being a metal fabricator in Sweden, Carlos has set up a honey business in Grenada. He keeps bee hives with 45,000 honey bees in each hive. Produces his own honey and so much of it, he never even needs to touch the hive containing the queen bee. Leaves that box completely intact and dripping. You know when you meet someone who is properly passionate about what they do? Yep.

And they’ve bought land too – up in the mountains in the cool rainforest. Meanwhile, Swede Dreams the boat, has become one of the stalwart vessels in Prickly. It’s anchored right opposite the Calabash beach. They’ve even got pothound dogs, the ultra-smart local Grenadian breed, onboard. Hard to imagine them not being here now.

From both our boats setting out to cross an ocean, Swede Dreams have realised theirs. They’ve become part of Grenada. Swede Dreams really are made of these. How cool is that?


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