Alphabet Game

Like most of us, we are having a number of internal rollercoasters on this boat. Being in curfew for over ten days now, one minute we feel like prisoners, the next we’re just grateful!

What a difference. Until recently – when we only had teenager hormones on Quest to contend with – boy, did those seem like the simple days. Now: pandemic + hormones + movement-restrictions + washing up in a teaspoon of water because we live on a boat +++ = WTF? Did I mention the strict quota of internet data? Oh well. Sorry for the boat whine. 

I know. We also have the turquoise sea underneath us. Gorgeous sunsets. Fish to feed us. Our health. That last one is a doozy, no? Everyone who is in quarantine, lockdown, self-isolation and curfew is feeling the last thing. Our health. Both grateful and frustrating. No one notices it when we feel good. 

Truth be told, I am having moments where I love this lockdown. Everyone else is being zero productive, I get to reassure myself. And I don’t mean you crafters. Bless you, you’re out there on your own.

It seems FOMO is being eradicated much more quickly than this virus right now. The keeping up with the Jones’ factor has just dried up faster than a Kardashian running through a surgeon’s waiting room. Suddenly, the old world feels.. well, old. Do we really want what we used to want? Especially as it’s exciting if we can just do the simplest things. Get out of the house. See loved ones. 

It’s the same for us here, but in a more watery setting. The old things, like our sailing schedule, being here and there for this and that time; it seems so far away. It’ll be amazing when we just get into an actual supermarket at this point. Helping yourself to tomatoes. The brazen luxury of it.

With the extended curfew here until May 4th, supermarkets are now meant to open from tomorrow – but with new conditions.

Barbadians are set to play a nationwide alphabet game. Most of us (excluding essential workers) are being asked to shop according to our surnames. So for us, with our surname starting with an O, we get to shop on Friday mornings and Tuesday afternoons. It goes from the letter M to R, I think.

It’s not clear whether the authorities will go as far as lining people up, school-yard style, according to strict alphabetical order. In which case Ms will be at the front of the queue. Or if they’ll check people’s details at all. I just hope there’ll be a smidgen of actual bodily distancing this time. I’ll report back!

Oh, and one other thing has changed. We get to wear our face masks now. It said so in the official government advice. Enough to make me want to go into Eddie’s and give the security guard who told me off for wearing gloves an interesting gesture. At least he won’t see my mouth this time. 

Not his fault. Part of the rollercoaster.

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