Dreaming Of Fin

When Fin was on the boat with us, she’d often sleep on Quest’s bow. Right at the front of the boat. In the morning I’d wake up and gulp. Was she still there?

It was always a relief to hear her claws padding across the deck. She was clumsy, that girl. It wouldn’t have been far-fetched to imagine her falling overboard in the middle of the night. She sometimes did during the day, just walking along the bulwarks. Splash, oops, there’d she go.

Finster! We’d often have to go and fish her out of the drink. As she got more used to Quest, in fairness she got better at retrieving herself. In the end she could climb the swim ladder all on her own. Not a mean feat for four, long, skinny legs. Sheepish look. Long shaggy shake all over us.

It seems like a dream now – that Fin came with us at all. The strangest thing is how normal it seemed at the time. Totally normal to be bringing a rather large dog across the Atlantic. Oh, our Finster. I can still feel the very touch of you.

I am happy to report she is fine. Currently at home with Vronnie. As we all flew back and then returned to Quest – who was parked in Trinidad, we decided it was kinder to leave Fin behind. And because of this, we know she is peachy with happiness. Safe with Vronnie in her favourite place in the world. Not too hot. Lots of cats to smell out. Friends and family to protect.

I do wonder sometimes if she remembers Quest though. When we’re at the beach, I get glimpses of her tearing up and down the sand. Her black, shaggy, Tasmanian devil. She’d twist and turn and jump and barge until she exhausted herself. Then she’d start to dig. She’d dig herself a large enough hole to cool down in. But how can you keep cool when your tongue is that full of sand?

I am thinking of her now as I’ve come to lie on Quest’s bow. It is not very comfortable. Poor old Finster. You need a cushion to make this even half-work. There are hatches, lines, rollers and furlers. But there is also breeze. I imagine Fin’s nose twitching against it. Thinking, ‘What the bejesus is that smell? This is different to Wales..’

Lately, the wind has started to die off at sunset. Quest stills. She becomes so quiet that I wake up and think I’m on land again. The dying of the wind also makes it hot! So hot that when I wake up, I need to get outside. I need air. And the most air you can catch is at the front of the boat.

Only one thing to do. Follow that Finster.

PS. The fantastic cover photo is attributed to Grenada’s own, Rolando Cumberbatch 😊 💕. Legend. https://www.facebook.com/rolandocumberbatchpetsitting/

The bottom pic is the best group of boat girls we had the pleasure of hanging out with. You know who you are 💕.

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