I Think I Saw Cliff Richard

Part of the reason I love writing a blog is being able to dissect the micro-second. I have one now. But before I go there, I want to say something about Delphine.

Delph often has this recurring dream where she finds out we are not her real parents and she was adopted. Her real parents, she finds out in her dream, are actually famous celebrities. I have no idea why she dreams this. She dreamed it again last night.

Now the micro-moment. We were in Cost-U-Less today. This is a warehouse-style supermarket where you can go stock up on a hundred toilet rolls and rice, but it has posh stuff too. Like a loaf of New York-style bread for £12. And a litre of cream for £6. Hold on – that’s the normal Barbados price of cream.

We’d just stocked up on hash browns the girls like for breakfast and those wafer cookies I like, plus Jack likes the steak here. We were finishing up and heading toward the check-out when Jack left me for a sec.

As I was pushing the trolley, I saw this guy coming towards me. He was wearing a full pinstripe suit – which was hard not to notice. A waistcoat underneath and everything.

Is he ok, I wondered? I mean, you don’t see this getup often here. Maybe he’d been to a wedding? And now he’s stocking up in Cost-U-Less. Huh.

Mask-wearing is such a double-edged sword. On the upside, I like how it concentrates the eyes. You can tell a lot from the eyes. Plus you can smile when you watch people and not have to worry that it makes you look weird. I like this too.

On the other hand, I couldn’t tell if this guy was a a bit poorly or not from not seeing his whole face. He was definitely eccentric. As we got closer, I gave him the whole eyeball. I started at his feet. He was wearing really expensive-looking shoes. Custom-fitted they were, lined with suede in the shade of grape. Red stitching went all the way around. They were a beautiful pair of shoes.

Ok, this meant he wasn’t poor. My eyes went up. His trolley was filled with strawberries. Strawberries! Definitely not poor – since strawberries may be close to the price of gold in Barbados. My eyes went further up.

There was the face mask. And he was wearing glasses – reading/driving glasses. His hair was light brown and wispy.

Lastly, his eyes. He was watching me watch him. At the point where our eyes met, his eyes crinkled up. Kind of knowingly I would say – but I would say that because of where I was going with it. Somewhere in my head came out the name, Cliff Richard. I don’t know why. I’m not exactly well-versed in Cliff Richard sightings.

Only everyone knows he spends a lot of time in Barbados. He has a villa on the west coast – where most of the celebrities congregate. But would he be going to Cost-U-Less and walking between the enormously packed aisles, buying expensive strawberries in a full pinstripe suit? Your guess is as good as mine.

His eyes smiled at me as we passed. Micro-moment over. Delph can go back to her adoption/ celebrity parent dreams.

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