Day 5 – Already?

Not sure how we went from Day Zero to Day 5 quarantine. I’m not sure if the first day of quarantine is called Day 0 or Day 1. Mum called and said not to question it. It’s Day 1. Ok. That works. This means it’s Day 5 – already.

The strangest thing is how nice it is so far. I mean, we’d prefer to be able to move around freely. And there is a certain edgy claustrophobia – if you focus in on it. The inability to leave the boat – even to buy basic supplies, could really get to you. Still, quarantine feels like a T-junction. You have to decide which way to turn.

There are still some habits playing out. Like Jack asking Lulu how she is – at exactly the wrong moment. He doesn’t mean it. He forgets every time that there’s nothing Lulu hates more when she’s in teenage bear mode, than her father asking her what’s wrong. I don’t know why – I just know it.

But so far, tempers are purposefully muted since we’ve arrived in Bonaire. It’s making me appreciate this quarantine – if only for the sake of my frayed heart. For example, Lulu asked Jack to find her glasses last night as she and I were catching up on Selling Sunset’s Season 2. I renewed the Netflix subscription since Day.. uh.. 1. After a year’s break from Netflix, it’s a gift. Selling Sunset too. Is this programme really real?

Lu’s glasses were nowhere to be seen. She has the knack of making them completely disappear. And asking Jack find something is akin to asking our dog, Fin to cook her own dinner. It could happen I guess. Lu started shouting at him after a few minutes.

I cringed. Typical Ormerod fallout on the way. Jack gets offended and Lu starts asking him questions. Classic role-reversal for those two – not that I haven’t been studying this dynamic – for years. Except they didn’t fall out. Not this time. They fizzled out, until later when Lu asked her dad to look for something again. I swear people don’t learn. This time, instead of the same unsuccessful and unappreciated run-around, Jack did a brilliant impression of her freaking out instead.

We laughed and laughed. Lulu too. No alternative for us, except to get to Day 14.

Though Jack did say, ‘If we get too noisy they could make us go on a private pontoon.’

Lulu piped in, ‘And charge us double.’

Delph and I looked at each other and rolled our eyes. Seriously; those two. They love it.

We also have a secret weapon for this quarantine. Another knock-on wood – for pure superstition in case it breaks again. Our air-con works. It actually works.

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