No Drugs Here

Netflix. No outside air. Air-con. What day is it? What time is it? Why is Zac Efron so unhappy in his Netflix documentary series?

I mean, he’s not unhappy while he’s filming it, but he keeps making comments about being lonely and isolated before he started filming. Poor Zac Efron. Apparently too, he ate no carbs for six months while filming Baywatch. And now he has thick beard and awesome Dad bod. The things we’ve missed for the last year.

Like opening a window, this experience is tuning back into mainstream culture. I’m not adverse to it. I like seeing what’s going on in the world. I’m on Day 6 of Netflix though, and I think I’m done. If someone told me I had to give this up, but they’d be putting us on a mooring buoy, where we could swim again and scratch through our small amount of data, I know which option I’d choose.

Not all of us have ambivalent relationships with tv. Delph has gone straight back into ‘mole in a hole’ mode. When you go into her cabin and ask after her well-being, she grins back. She has that, ‘No drugs in here!’ smile. Just a laptop, an iPad, her phone and a set of headphones.

When I fall asleep and wake at about 1am, whose light do I see still on? Tucked up in her usual position, duvet keeping her toasty. Pillows lined up behind her head, organised just so. Her grandma’s little jaszik pillow takes pride of place behind her head.

‘Delph, you ok?’

Another big grin from Delphine. She’s halfway through Modern Family.

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