Climb Through the Window

We had a day off on Sunday when Patrice went off for an island excursion. He said we need at least one day of rest. We didn’t argue. He went off to climb Bonaire’s highest peak.

It’s been half-term for school. Lu’s attending his early morning yoga class precisely because she’s on half-term. Normally, she’d be doing school at this time. Bit of a shame really. This next week will be her last doing Patrice’s morning yoga.

She’s been studying this half-term, since exams are approaching. No big deal – except if exams are cancelled. If exams are cancelled, GCSE results will instead be gathered using the CAG. Already an acronym floating round. They’re calling it the centrally-assessed grade. This means that if exams are cancelled, CAG is the teacher’s method of grading, using specific pieces of school work and in-house tests. Mock results will be included in this CAG.

But of course we don’t know if exams are cancelled yet. We don’t know anything. Wait – we do know at a minimum that the exams will be delayed by a few weeks. This means for us, Bermuda is out.

We’ve rolled it over and over, but at the end we’re not happy for Quest to be in Bermuda as late as July. We’ll have no boat insurance on her at this location during hurricane season. So the government’s decision to definitively delay, or cancel exams means Lu will have to fly home to take her exams in the UK. Not the solution we were looking for, but it’s something. It’s a plan and a situation we can work towards.

The uncertainty means that Lu has to treat these mocks as both real and not-real. She’s been preparing for them. Enter yoga. Every morning, before she’s been hitting the books, we’ve been visiting Patrice’s yoga class. It’s been a great stress buster. Patrice has been awesome in turn, teaching us his yoga moves.

Gavin has joined us too. So there’s four of us now, climbing through the square window. Literally climbing through the window, since the door to the empty yoga room is locked-up. It is a fantastic room though. Worth a climb through the window.

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