Advanced Delphine

‘Delph, you’re done.’

I didn’t get it. ‘How do you mean she’s done?’

Jack smiled at Delphine, who was busy taking off her turquoise mask. They’d just come back up on Quest from their dive. He said. ‘She’s passed her junior Open Water Advanced Diver.’

I was still confused though. ‘Already?’ We’ve only just got out on the mooring buoy. There are a number of dives to be completed for the Advanced course.

‘Well, yeah. She’s done all the dives over the last few weeks. She’s done.’

I thought about it. She did navigation and a navigation dive with Jack when we were in the marina. While it had been a coral cleaning day for me and Lu, Jack and Delph had wandered around the marina with a compass and then gone for a dive.

She did a night dive when we were monitoring the coral spawning at Buddy Dive with Lars. For the wreck dive, she did a number of wreck dives in Barbados on our ‘house’ wreck, the Pamir.

She’s definitely done a bunch of deep dives. That’s become her speciality, particularly as she, Jack and Patrice have been dive buddies over the last month. Bonaire makes this easy. The water is so clear here, you can dive deep and still have a clear view of the rippling surface.

So that was it. Delph was done. She completed the knowledge review over lunch. And in typical style, she turned to Lu and I and said, ‘Move over guys, I’m doing Rescue Diver next. I’ll be rescuing you soon.’

Lu and I groaned. Of course she would be. Here us two were, spending over a year doing the one course we signed up for (Reef Renewal speciality excluded of course – we put that in the professionals’ hands and got it in two days). Now Delph is coming up right behind us.

She deserves it. She completely loves diving. Her fave thing is to get to a set depth – 20, 30 metres and simply hover. Her buoyancy is so good. Even today, Jack performed a buoyancy check with her, and it seems she can spare some more weight. This often happens when a diver gets better. They need less weight to get down.

The way Delph’s going, she’s going to end up going down with a feather.

We took her for ice cream afterwards. We went to Gio’s, Bonaire’s famous ice cream shop. Five bucks for two scoops. Apple pie and blueberry.

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