Lu’s Wetsuit

Lu’s wetsuit fell off the back of Quest. It somehow became detached from its drying position. After washing, we hang our wetsuits from the struts which support the solar panels, securing them with oversized pegs. Have done it for years now.

On a night dive two nights ago, I came across the peg. At the time we hadn’t realised her suit was gone. I picked up the peg, proud that I had found something off Quest in the sea – and in the dark. The next day, when we realised the suit was missing, it was like duh. That was the peg for her suit. And her suit was gone.

You definitely win some and lose some with Questie. We’ve lost two flippers to the wind, a water container and various things that we know about. I once pegged out Jack’s nicest, newest t-shirt, only to find the wind had taken it later in the afternoon. It was during the fierce Christmas winds in Barbados.

Uh-oh, I thought. Maybe I wouldn’t mention it just to him – just yet. The next day, he and Lu went diving. I’ll never forget the look on his face when he came up from the dive, holding his own t-shirt. Now he knew it was missing.

It was lucky then that the shirt sank. Lu’s wetsuit however, well that’s buoyant. It’ll have probably quietly floated away. We’ll put up a sign on the Bonaire FB group asking people if they’d have seen it wash up, but in the meantime we’ll be diving. Lu needed a new wetsuit.

I got on the blower and emailed Serge from Harbour Village. Serge manages the dive shop there. We’ve bought equipment from him over the last few months. It’s secondhand stuff from the shop, perfectly good.

In the meantime, Jack took Lu and went around the dive stores. Bonaire of course is a candy land of dive gear. Small island full of dive shops.

I stayed at home and helped Delph with her homework. Tuesday is her heavy homework day, with lots of assignments due. Especially since she started French again. Still, Delph likes it. While we wrote a paragraph about her sister in French (using the adjectives lazy but never boring – and giggling), Serge wrote to me.

‘Yes, I have secondhand suits,’ he wrote. ‘Come tomorrow at 9am.’ Serve is like that – very efficient. I forwarded the message to Jack.

Twenty minutes later, Jack and Lu returned. She held a new wetsuit in her hands. A new brand to Quest too: it’s called Waterproof. Swedish brand. The wetsuit was all soft and shiny, with special reinforced patches which her old wetsuit didn’t even have. Ohhh.

I wrote to Serge after dinner. ‘Turns out Lu already has a new suit. Her dad went and bought her one.’

Serge in his typical efficiency wrote back almost immediately. ‘No worries. Glad for her. She has a good dad.’

‘Yeah exactly!’ Jack exclaimed. ‘And why is Serge the only one who says so?’

Good old Serge. And someone else.

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