The Lockdown Life

What have you got best at during lockdown? For us, it’s doing nothing. We have got really good at doing nothing. Pretty excellent at it, if we do say so.

Bonaire isn’t in lockdown conditions – not right now. We still stay away from most public areas. We do it for prevention, for the fact we don’t have health insurance that covers us for, well anything that isn’t a scuba diving – or a major boating accident. Not that we were planning either of these. The truth is probably just that we’ve got used to not moving much.

It started for us in Barbados. When lockdown came there, it pretty much confined us to Quest. The beach, the main place to visit, which was no more than a five minute swim away; that was closed. It opened two months later, but only for a few hours a day. Only very early in the morning, from around 7am, till 10am. Which was frustrating for us because we do school at that time. That’s when lessons were live in the U.K. So, we didn’t go to the beach even when it reopened, until they released an afternoon session.

At that point it became the exciting highlight of our day. The beaach. All the other cruisers – well, all five of us, used to congregate in the afternoons. And it was the perfect beach for floating around in the shallows. We’d form a loose circle and chat – until it was time to vamoose.

That was our experience of the first lockdown. Plus the Barbados police boat, with their own lights off, used to come past at night and shine their torches into our boat. They used to do it to all our boats in the anchorage. Sort of strange, but we got used to it. To be honest, we stopped noticing after a while. In the end, I used to think it was quite a nice gesture. At least they were keeping us safe. When we saw the police boat come by during the day, we’d wave. They’d wave right back.

I do miss Barbados. Most proper island with excellent trident flag and amazing Prime Minister. Mia Amor Mottley, QC. Leader of the Barbados Labour Party. She used to run a jazz band which toured internationally, in between getting her law degree. Speaks regularly to her nation now. She said this yesterday:

‘In the past seven days, we have lost three of our people to COVID-19 in circumstances that it pained me greatly. They didn’t break any law. They did not flagrantly abuse any protocol or guidelines. They did not even leave their homes.

In fact, I have said that they didn’t catch COVID; COVID caught them. None of the three of them went to COVID. COVID came to them. This has given me sleepless nights and my fear is that COVID will not stop until we as a nation stop COVID.’

Barbados announced afterwards that is is going back into lockdown. I wonder if there’s another small set of cruisers at Port St Charles anchorage right now.

3 thoughts on “The Lockdown Life

  1. Nice read, We did enjoy your company it was lovely, to feel normal, once you were allowed to join us at beach, that was hard for you!!!!!. Gotta keep stronge!!!!!!!.
    Yes scary even thinking of trying to get a US visa, “ Who wants to go to US, “, interview completed, in Barbados, we were thinking of going North as far as , say Martinique, not stop probably,
    We have got info so far, but looks like they don’t mind taking you moneys, But when a time is timeless, this would have to be March April, Course they can’t see this far, no one can.
    And yes We see Covid has gone high now, !!!!!!!. So this is also against us, once more. Certainly don’t want to get turned away from there. !! Timing isn’t easy with the Hurricane Season around these parts.
    Oh sometimes you think who wants a boat.!!!.

    We are aware, the Bahamas, is the only other place to get this, EXPENSIVE, there.

    We only entered into this because we heard of another couple that paid and got some sort of time in May! , we think in the Bahamas ,

    We thought at least Barbados. Would have been easier. !!!!!,.

    We’re still working on it, ether place, now, so we’ll see, “nothing ventured nothing gained. “ our thoughts and love go out to you.

    Deltaville would be wonderfull to get to to get all stuff done and affordable. And not over populated, a quarter of population of here. Haulout yard do your own work and can live aboard, and close convenient shopping and heaps of supplies.
    We’d feel like we were heading to a lolly shop. If we CAN.

    We sit and wait to here from two couples, Shona and Gavin, and “ Fenton&kojima, on S/V Pataki a Jap lady lovely to, not young, in there 70’s Kiwis “ With no watermaker.!!!!!!!. that are heading to the Panama.
    This is a high risk, there in for heading down the pacific. This year, we feel. . Getting back in NZ is also bloody expensive,If they let you in apparently my brother is saying now there of to limiting kiwis getting in because. Of quarantine ,etc. Still times can change there to!!!!!. Did I say who wants a boat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.
    Chat soon.

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    1. Hey Jaga II- yes try and get to Deltaville. I think it will suit you. Lulu and I work with a lady called Bonnie who is from the Chesapeake area. I’d forgotten how lovely this area is until we met Bonnie. Straight forward people. Open landscape.

      Can you not get the B1 in situ? I heard this might be possible. Some designated ports in Florida for example. Check out noonsite. This is where I saw it – a few months back. Good luck. Let us know how you go. Xxx


  2. The lockout period is dull for me. I remember my old days at sea with my boat. The situation is getting worse, so we still have to face this virus. Like you, I have to limit to go outside. It isn’t suitable for an active person like me. I hope everything will be fine soon.

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