How to Change

I am trying to organise my thoughts to prepare for the return home. At the same time, our life has become a marine one. It’s become our normal. Throw the pandemic in and we’ve clung to it even harder over the past year.

You don’t always see it when it’s so close. For example, it’s gotten to the point where it’s completely normal for us to go diving after school. School done? Ok, suit up, let’s go.

If we did this for another year, I wouldn’t be surprised if walking became a bit alien. A bit like that feeling when you have to write something and realise you haven’t held a pen in ages. Is that even your handwriting? It is so shaky and crap. I love that spooky feeling.

We have a few weeks left here before we need to pack up the dive gear and go. The girls are set to go back to a school building. In the same way, I’m supposed to move into a classroom environment by the end of September. We will be literal fish out of water.

I’m not going to learn to be a fish, or a turtle either – but a teacher. To be honest, I’m a little scared. I would be more comfortable returning to a nice, quiet laboratory environment. Like my old job: IVf unit, aww. Sperm, eggs, embryos; life was good. Or I could finally do that Masters in Marine Biology in North Wales. I got in two years running ten years ago, but Delph got poorly with her eyes and needed operations. It became impossible.

Alas, marine biology paid jobs are about as easy to come by as pots of rainbow gold. Everyone says so. And there are a lot of rainbows in Wales’ changeable sky – so if that existed someone surely would have found it by now. I’ve heard you either need to get super lucky, or spend years working your way up academic ladders to find said pots – or even a normal salary. I mean I get it, it’s a lifestyle. Still, if returning home means resources are in, then that work is probably out.

A classroom of kids it is then. I’m not adverse to kids per se. And from the experience of schooling on Questie, I could probably make them study,. The question is, how do I make it fun? My own kids would have something to say about this.

‘Thanks, Ma. You finally make school fun after you’re done with us – and on other children?’

‘Well, you didn’t pay me, did you?’

Collective shrug. They never thought about it this way.

To be honest, neither did I. I do enjoy the drudgery of school. I like its consistency. I don’t really know how to introduce games or to make a whole classroom of kids engaged in their subject though. Is it even possible?

For me, science and nature are mostly the same. In this way, I’d like to bring in this nudibranch to show them. My mum said this sea slug photo looked like a little Dutch clog.

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