Lockdown Pleasure

There’s a great article about an artist who started a lockdown project. He got people in the U.K. to anonymously post in their lockdown secret – the guilty pleasure they’ve been indulging in to get them through lockdown.

Some of the letters are candid. ‘I haven’t worn a bra in three months.’ And, ‘I pretend I’m going for a jog, but instead I eat pizza or cake on a park bench.’

Some are stark. A beautiful drawing of a rocky sea bed with an anchor waving above it. ‘I hit rock bottom,’ the words at the top go, ‘(and I’m still there)’.

Or bittersweet. A simple and now iconic, coloured rainbow. ‘My dad survived Covid’. It’s an instant reminder of the stakes of the past year.

Then there’s the lady deliciously describing a secret love affair with a naval officer (12 years her junior) and the print-out of a train ticket with the admission in perfect train-font that because life has been financially hard, this person started forging train tickets. They’ve got away with it for ages. Hmm. You can see why. It’s a really perfect match.

The collaborative project is art at its most inspiring for me. It’s so good.

It’s also made me think of my guilty lockdown secret pleasure. It has to be, ‘I’ve started talking to sea creatures like they are going to talk back to me.’ Wow. That does put things into perspective.

I’ve also started commenting on Facebook posts in a way I wouldn’t have before. Though that may also be a function of age. Especially the ones where there’s any debate as to whether we are turning into a vaccination state.

An old friend of mine posted such a question this morning. He often posts hypothetical, ethical-based questions which are relevant to the current time. The question asked was whether you would avoid going into a U.K. pub which stipulated that only people who’d had Covid-19 vaccinations could enter.

My skin pricked when I read it. Of course, it pricked the wrong way – at least to the comments given so far.

I’m not saying medicine is perfect. it is just that over the years, I’ve had some exposure to scientific meetings. And from what I’ve seen and heard, scientisists definitely aren’t the sort of people inclined to pat themselves on the back. If anything, it’s the opposite. As they twisted and turned the data over at meetings to make sure it was fair, I’ve sat there like the head in hands emoji. Especially medical scientists. Boy oh boy. They are the worst for making sure. Or the best. Depending how you look at it… and if you need a cup of coffee.

So, to my friend’s question of whether you would frequent London pubs which only let in vaccinated people or would you be ok with not knowing, I quickly wrote in the comments, ‘If I was vaccinated, I wouldn’t care.’ For me, that would be real freedom.

I felt good too. Mind you, I haven’t looked back at the post. For better or worse, I went back to talking to sea creatures.


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