What a Day

Firstly, it was Delphine’s 14th birthday. Oh man. She is officially not so little anymore. Don’t get me wrong. Besides the cute factor, which was ingrained with her little glasses, big-teeth-in-small-person’s body and a mermaid’s curly hair, I’m glad for her new age. The kid knows who she is.

We started the day doing something different too. Well, school – so it wasn’t that different. But it was someone else’s school: a whole class worth’s. My friend, Beth from Toronto is a primary school teacher and asked if we could take part in her class. They have been studying nature, she knows we do Reef Renewal voluntary work – and well, the rest is good fortune.

It always feels this way with Beth. Good fortune. She gets things done and at the same time, she does it by making it feel eminently practical and sensible. Even though you might be just about ready to jump off a building. That’s Beth. Not many people manage to do exciting things while making them feel perfectly safe. Or the other way around: perfectly safe things which feel exciting. I think she can mix it up, so good are her instincts.

With this, Lu and Delph and Bonnie and I had an absolute blast in Beth’s class this morning, telling them about our coral reef work. We showed them Bonnie’s classroom, the dive gear and the sea where we descend to work. It struck me this is how to give coral restoration its full meaning. You put it in children’s hands.

After all, it will likely be their job in their lifetimes to put nature right – as well as they can. We told them by the time they are older, people might be growing coral in a number of different ways. And a number of different corals.

On cue, one of Beth’s students asked how many corals there were. Another asked how they reproduce. Another: what eats corals. Another: what do corals eat. It helped Bonnie told them her coolest fact: corals both poop and eat out of the same hole. Once a nurse..

Delph had calls and texts and ecards. She even got some presents – which, because this is her literal second lockdown birthday, seems like a small miracle. Praise be the Drogist is open.

And we had visitors to Quest this afternoon. Our friends, Mark and Janine are leaving Bonaire tomorrow, after over a year. That was way more months than they’d originally intended to stay. They have cars which haven’t been started at home. Chores to do. They still leave with more than they came with. Another home. Cant fit that in your suitcase.

And the last thing of this amazing day (don’t get me wrong; the girls agree it was pretty average for a birthday), is the staff at the marina. Marvis, Eg and Hipolito serenaded Delph with a birthday song. Out of nowhere when we went to get water. The yachtie life may not be easy, but it is interesting. Always.

And this is Mark’s farewell picture for us. It is good? Or questionable?

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