Boats are lighting the mooring field tonight on Christmas Eve. Some Christmas lights go all the way up the masts – green and red and white. Our own lights – white-blue are strung inside Quest’s awning. They cost 3 Euros in Martinique, go 5 metres long and are powered by batteries. We might leave them there permanently. They are rather perfect.

We have a tree too. 5 Euros, it was the display tree with no box, no matter. It’s perfectly-sized so we could tie it to the wall while we’ve been sailing for a month. The tree came out early. Ellie and the girls finally untied it and put it on the table yesterday.

Next the food. We’ve been slogging around town, taking what provisions we could get. We’ve settled happily on seafood tagliatelle for Christmas Eve and a frozen leg of lamb for Christmas Day. We finally found eggs in the third and final supermarket we entered today. Result! I’m thinking about making a two-ingredient cake tomorrow 😇.

There was a Christmas concert in the town square. A stage full of Creole singers and musicians. It was like Caribbean Polish music, folksy and easy to dance to.

We danced. Since we sailed here. All the way here in the wind and the sun and the rain… to this little island in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. Everyone in the town square danced too; maybe for different reasons. We shook and twirled, stepped and clapped.

The children are excited. Presents are now waiting under the floor. ‘Can you imagine if storage in a house was like this?’ Ellie observed, while putting juice bottles behind the sofa. What’s so weird about that?

Lastly: Christmas spirit. Hmmm. The trickiest part. It’s always a great idea to be away for Christmas… in theory. The reality is a bit different. You either forget it’s Christmas and carry on completely normally (never going to happen on Questie) or you accept you’re going to miss loved ones back home. Loved ones who are still with us – and loved ones who aren’t with us anymore.

Jack spent Christmas Eve morning fixing toilet doors that weren’t really broken – until he started fixing them. I mean one needed an overhaul, but on Christmas Eve? Despite his protests, I am never going to believe he didn’t love this experience – even when the third door broke. He fixed them all in the end. He and his dad always fixed stuff.

Always tricky, Christmas. Tricks-mas I think. Happy Tricks-mas everyone. May peace find you intact.

2 thoughts on “Tricks-Mas

  1. Nadolig llawen!!! Merry Christmas all on Quest!! Diolch, thank you for your entertaining blogs… I love reading them. Be safe on your journey and enjoy every minute which I’m sure you are!!!!!

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